In case of cancelation, we require at least 48hr notice in order to give a full refund. Reservation deposit is not refundable if the cancelation request is made in less than 48hrs. Rescheduling policy is generally the same as the cancelation policy and under the 48hrs rule. 

RENTAL FEES (small group*):

Hourly rate (up to 7 hrs)  –   $45 per hour,
Full working day – (8hrs)  –   $300
Full 24 hrs – $500


Rental fee is required to be paid in full BEFORE photo session starts.
Special discounts for multiple hours with full prepayments are available on the reservation page.


* The rental fees above are for individuals and small group (up to 8 people). Rental cost for larger groups and special events will include additional fees. All payments are subjects of 6% MD tax. Rental prices are subjects to change at any time.




LARGE GROUP FEE: If the studio is rented by a group of more than 8 people there is $50 “large group fee”.


CLEANING FEE: $45 fee required for any special events such as “birthdays’ shoots”, “cake smashing” and all shoots involving bringing food and drinks, food, paint, glitter and such.
Generation of excessive trash or leaving the studio in the conditions 
requiring clean up is subject for the $45 cleaning fee as well.

Cleaning fee is primary for large group events and it can be waived or refunded for a small group at the discretion of the studio manager.



This is an optional service one by request only. Lighting set up assistance is $25 (for setting up the light for your shoot).

Photography assistance fee is $50 ( setting lights, camera, instructions for the shoot)



Use of the studio facility, props, and equipment should be conducted properly and it’s all renter responsibility. Studio Arto IS NOT LIABLE in any way for any harm or damage during the studio use. The renter who is booking the studio assumes responsibility for all the people that come to the shoot. NO SMOKING is permitted at the studio at any time.


RENTAL FEE includes using the facility, up to 3 lights, wireless control, installed backgrounds, reflectors, light modifiers, studio props, and equipment available within shooting space. No props, backdrops, gels, or additional equipment should be taken from the storage area without studio staff permission.


RENTAL TIME starts as reserved, and does not change upon late arrival. All the “setups” and “breakdowns” for the session should be done within the rented time frame.
Rental time can be extended beyond reserved 
time only if the studio is available and is not booked by another photographer at a later time.


CYCLORAMA wall curve is not for climbing, any damage that is occurred due to improper use is renter’s responsibility with repair fee in the amount up to $500. Heavy markings or scratching of the white cyclorama floor and wall is subject for $45 repainting fee.